How to log in

Open the MFC APP on your device and complete the required login information depending on the type of account you have:


Enter your registered email address or phone number and password. Remember that you can create an MFC account on our official website or app.


Enter the 10-digit numerical account and 8-digit numerical password you received from your reseller. My Family Cinema has NO access to external resellers codes. If you have any problem with your account card, get in touch with the reseller or supplier you purchased the product from.

¡Important! Do not mistake an account card with a recharge code. The latter is a 16-digit numerical code also provided by resellers, but it is used to add more valid days of service to an MFC account registered on our official website.

How to log in on different devices

You can access your account from any Android device you want, but simultaneous logins will depend on your plan.


If you have a Basic plan and you log in to 2 different devices, the app may request you to log out from a previous session. In that case, decide which device you want to continue using the app on and click on “OK”.


If you wish to use your account on more than one device simultaneously, you can upgrade to our Duo or Family plans, which allow the use of 2 and 4 simultaneous devices respectively. Click here for more information on how to upgrade your plan.