“5 years, many stories ” contest – Stage Three – Mfc Kits

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“5 years, many stories ” Contest –  Stage Three – 15 Mfc Kits



If you have come up to stage three, dear MyFamilier, you’ve been following up the clues closely. Nothing fills up with more joy than to tell you that the winners of this prize did an awesome job.


What is the prize this time? None other than 15 My Family Cinema kits that include the brand’s shirt, sweatpants and popcorn pillow for you to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows like a true MyFamilier.


Here, the winners:



  • – 31st place: Iboomerdog – Benji




  • – 30th place: Cesar_a_ramoss – The Godfather




  • – 29th place: Aquarelado118 – Wandavision




  • – 28th place: Gabiieivair – Tangled





  • – 27th place: Viana_santos1979 – Tomb Rider




  • – 26th place: Rafaelribeiropinto – The Croods 2



  • – 25th place: Loucofurioso – Brooklyn Nine-nine




  • – 24th place: Jonathansilveira – E.T – O Extraterrestre





  • – 23rd place: Camilinha10109 – The handmaid’s tale





  • – 22nd place: Viti_valeu – Star Wars





  • – 21st place: Joaoaugstofilipin – Psycho





  • – 20th place:  Adriano.fiamoncini – Rick and Morty





  • – 19th place: Rafaell_jorge  – Beettlejuice




  • – 18th place: Elisson_jobbins – Jurassic Park



  • – 17th place: Pamjosiele – 50 first dates



The final stage of our fantastic contest is near and we’ll soon be announcing the most highly anticipated prize. Thank you for celebrating with us! Remember to follow us on our social media to stay on top of everything.