“5 years, many stories ” contest – Stage Four – 15 sets and one Smart Tv

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“5 years, many stories ” Contest – Stage Four – 15 sets and one Smart Tv


The end of our contests has come and it’s time to announce our final winners, but we must thank you for being part of this amazing event. None of this would have been possible without your constant support, and we couldn’t have wished for a better birthday. Well, enough with the tears. Let’s get down to business.


The user chosen by you in our social media will take home a Smart TV with a 1-year subscription to MFC’s DUO plan. Wow! Isn’t that incredible?


But there are more surprises! There’s also a prize for all the other contestants of THE COOLEST VOTING MATCH IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, they got to win 15 TV boxes with a sixth month subscription to My Family Cinema.



Without further ado, here are the winners:



  • – 16th place: ceduardo_cadu – Dirty Dancing



  • – 15th place: rick_vann – Star wars



  • – 14th place: kauoliveiraalves – The Lion King



  • – 13rd place: aedmarcenariafina – The Shining



  • – 12nd place: xcaue.vieira – Now you see me



  • – 11th place: dessa.ju – Pulp Fiction























  • – 10th place: a_na6189 – Mr. Bean



  • – 9th place: natashanacleto – Shrek



  • – 8th place: marciia_gomees – Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle



  • – 7th place: regianevo – The Princess and the frog



  • – 6th place: camily_morais – Sixth sense



  • – 5th place: sara.gomes07 – Fatherhood



  • – 4th place: mthsdecastro – Lupin



  • – 3rd place: brandobember -Rocky



  • – 2nd place:  bryllela – Interstellar – Magnolia – Atonement – Call me by your name



And the jackpot is for…. Drumroll, please!


  • – 1st place: wilsonmelo1000 – Bohemian Rhapsody




Thanks to all the MyFamiliers who participated. For more stories together, now and always. And remember to follow us on our social media!