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Coinstrat announces Bounty Program
[Image: G5_ZcXVAfydTdjzdzuH5uUu6sRA1LQS8jHX4MUQ5...kUjMqcMTOQ]
Dear Crypto Army,

We delightfully announce the Coinstrat bounty hunting program has been launched on Crew3.
New quests to earn your XP are available now:

All participants will have a chance to be whitelisted for our upcoming token airdrops.

Step 1: Visit and connect your wallet
Step 2: Start questing and receive your XP + Bonus
Step 3: Help us to spread the info and grow our community together.

About Coinstrat

[Image: Vq38aCxEQMaoRCh8RrgA5ccWHvXjwZnt0DXGyTXg...tRGIB7IX6w]

Coinstrat is a rising platform in digital asset financial service, providing retail investors with trading, custody, interest-earning account, crypto-backed loan, dual investment, and security solutions. In 2022, Contract is one of the first crypto platforms in the world to provide high-yield structured products such as Dual Investment with a high APY of up to 300%. Importantly, Coinstrat strictly follows 100% reserved customer funds.

[Image: z7cZqCmWt8713VKRvS7cnjatpZpymljE3k8FKxMI...a3nEbb6nPQ]

Dual investment - high APY

CoinStrat has proudly introduced a breakthrough method to invest safely and earn high APY. Let's dive in to understand more about dual investment and how it could change investors' positions impressively.

More info:

Dual Investment - Double The Profit

With CoinStrat's Dual Investment feature, you can buy low, sell high, and get an extra guaranteed profit of up to 300% without the risk of losing your capital.

Benefits of Dual Investment:

• Buy low or Sell high: Buy digital assets at low prices or sell digital assets at high prices
• High Yield: Earn great passive income no matter which direction the market goes
• Wide selection: Can choose from a variety of assets and set the desired target date and price
• No transaction fees: No transaction fees are charged when the target is reached and when the "Buy Low" or "Sell High" orders are filled.

[Image: MvBBc7ChN_ExWN78tgk9YzpLFYThlOM5nvxA3h_f...glaNrH-8UQ]
Dual Investment Unlimited Profit Bonus Program

The biggest UNLIMITED bonus program ever. The more you invest, the more you get.

Dear CoinStraters,

We are pleased to announce the 50% UNLIMITED PROFIT BONUS program for new customers using the CoinStrat Dual Investment product for the first time.

Details: New accounts opening and executing the first 3 Dual Investment orders will receive an additional 50% of the profit of those 3 orders.

Read more:

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